Community- Club Program

Community- Club Program

Community (club) divisions

The Community Athlete Pathway is for the athlete who is seeking sport for life opportunities and broadly includes athletes starting at FUNdamentals through to adult teams. Teams in this pathway can be co-ed in formation. Participants can leave and return to the community pathway through their playing career.
The Community Pathway is focused on sport for life, long- erm athlete development and long-term participant development. All Club Associations are able to support community-based “Club” teams, built around skill development, friendships and age groups. Competition is primarily regional with optional travel.
Competition includes league play and any tournaments that teams choose to attend. Teams in the U14, U16, U19 and 18+ divisions have the option to participate in Provincial Championships as a wind-up to their playing season. Teams in U12 can choose to participate in a Provincial Championship-style or Jamboree-style Year-End Event.

Ringette BC, Leagues and Club Associations will be guided by the following principles:
  • athletes, coaches and administrators will pledge the True Sport Principles and will be ambassadors of True Sport in Ringette;
  • the program guidelines and policies will work to promote the principles of meaningful competition;
  • the Club system of competition will provide increased opportunities for participation;
  • players will be given development opportunities regardless of what team they are playing on;
  • program guidelines and policies will create a network of Coaches; and,
  • program guidelines and policies will build a competition structure that can evolve with increased participants and support a growing sport.
The PGRA has the following Community (Club) Divisions:
U12       U14        U16       U19       Open (18+) 

For more information on the Community (Club) pathway please check out the link:  Ringette BC-Community Division Guidelines

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