PGRA Evaluations 2022- September 24, 2022

PGRA Evaluations 2022- September 24, 2022

Posted on September 21, 2022

All registered PGRA players in each division are asked to attend the evaluations (Club and Zone).  Evaluations are completed to give each player an ordinal to assist with fair and equitable team formation and provides a team ordinal for tournaments.  

All sessions take place at the Coliseum.  Access is only through the side door (parking lot side) again this year and the doors are also locked so access is limited once the icetime begins.

Evaluations consist of a one hour skills assessment and a one hour game assessment. 

  • Players are to arrive 30 minutes prior to their ice time for check-in and to pick up their assigned pinnie.
  • Players are to be ready, fully dressed 10 minutes prior to their ice time and remain in their dressing room for instruction from the on-ice coaching staff. If the player needs to have their skates tied, this needs to be done in the hallway. There are no parents in the changerooms (U12 and older). 
  • Spectators are welcome to sit on the north side of the building (opposite of benches).  The entire middle section on the bench side is reserved for the evaluators.
  • Change rooms are assigned.
    • You can leave your gear in the changeroom after your first ice time if you choose.

· The following are the times for each of the divisions (colours- pinnie colour):

TimeDivision Changeroom
0830-0930U14SkillsRed #1  Blue#2
0945-1045U19SkillsRed #3  Yellow#4
1100-1200U14GameRed #1  Blue#2
1215-1315U19GameRed #3  Yellow#4
1330-1430U12SkillsYellow #1 Blue#2
1445-1545U16SkillsRed #3  Blue#4
1600-1700U12GameYellow #1 Blue#2
1715-1815U16GameRed #3  Blue #5

Game Structure (Minor Officials- please note)

  • 3 minute warmup
  • 2 x 25 minute periods, run time (2 minutes between periods)
  • 30 second shot clock

  • Penalties

    • will be recorded on the game sheet for reference
    • result in change of possession and face off in non-offending teams’ offensive zone
    • the offending player goes to the bench for a change but does not sit in the penalty box.

Volunteer Opportunities for “PGRA 2022 Evaluations- Volunteers” is now open.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) to go to the signup sheet: 1 credit= 1 hour

To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to complete.

Interested in knowing more about the evaluations process?   

The evaluators are determined by their knowledge and experience in ringette and skills to be evaluated and lack of conflict of interest to any of the players in the age division.  Did you know that all athletes do the same drills as a means of ensuring fairness. Looking for more information on evaluations and examples of evaluation practice plans… 

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