FLEX Recreational Pilot Program

2021/22 Pilot Season

PGRA is piloting an 18+ Flex Program during the 2021/2022 season in hopes to provide a solution to those that want to get out on the ice and just play! This 18+ Co-ed option will offer consistent weekly ice time and location with the focus on playing the game! (No practices aside from the 1st ice time- 1st ice will be information/warmup).


  • 18+ Co-ed
  • Recreational games (approx. once a week)
  • Consistent location and time (Tuesdays @ 9:45pm)
  • Officials
  • October season start
  • All skill levels welcomed – teams will be even with equal play time
  • Game results are not published
  • Standard gear equipment required



***PHO requires the program to check for proof of full vaccination (COVID-19 Passport).

All participants are required to be registered. To register online, Click HERE.

For more information or inquiries, please email info@pgringette.ca