Association Surveys

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, this season has been a challenging year for many aspects for organized youth sports.

With that being said, we would like to encourage our members to provide us with any and all feedback from you, whether they may be a player, parent, coach or other volunteers within the association.

The survey/evaluation is strictly confidential. The feedback for specific coaches or team staff etc will be received anonymously and no identifiable information will be released

PGRA 2020-2021 Survey

 The survey can be completed multiple times, for example, by a parent first then the player as they may have different experiences and relationships with the same person.

In particular, we would appreciate feedback directly from the players, of all ages, as their evaluations of their experiences both positive and negative will shape the future course of our association. Please help your players express their honest, frank comments on things such as what they enjoyed the most about this season, who or what helped them sustain their commitment to ringette this unusual season, and how we could improve for the better next year.

PGRA Volunteer Surveys

PGRA can not express enough appreciation for your volunteer time and commitment to our teams and to our association. In an effort to give you support and development opportunities, please complete the survey(s) that applies to you so we can plan our 2021-2022 season to include all your feedback. 

THANK YOU again for your time, dedication and willingness to participate within the association. Please remember the survey is completely anonymous.

PGRA 2020/2021 Coaches Survey

PGRA 2020/2021 Managers/Ambassadors Survey