2018 Prince George Ringette AGM & Special Resolution

The 2018 AGM is April 18th at 7pm, room 1-308A at the College of New Caledonia.  Hope to see you there!

As discussed at last year’s AGM, the Prince George Ringette Association needs to “transition” to the new Societies Act. The new Societies Act was adopted by the Province of BC in November of 2016. The new Societies Act replaces the previous Societies Act enacted in 1977, and brings Society governance more in line with corporate governance.  

The new Societies Act enhances reporting requirements, and attempts to improve the legal “structure” of all societies. This helps the provincial government save time and money by requiring all societies to conduct their legal affairs in a very similar manner. The PGRA must complete the transition by November of 2018, or the province will begin a process of dissolution, and PGRA will not be eligible to receive provincial Community Gaming Grants. The new Societies Act can be found here:  http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/15018_01#section9

The special resolution to be passed at the next PGRA AGM is now posted on the PGRA website (http://www.pgringette.ca/constitution-bylaws-policies/). This special resolution will enable us to replace the current constitution and bylaws of our Society, satisfying the transition requirements. It is hoped that Members can provide feedback, if any, prior to March 31st, 2018. This would enable any necessary revisions to be re-posted on the PGRA website in time for people to still have a chance to read them before the AGM.