National Ringette School Needs Your Ringette Photos!

The National Ringette School is working with the Ringette Store to create a 16-month calendar!

It will cover from September 2018 to August 2019.  It will feature some of the best Ringette action shots and Ringette “moments” that we can find.  The calendar will go on sale towards the end of June.  Our hope is that these calendars will be proudly displayed at home and at work and that they will prompt conversations about the sport!

How will we find those photographs?  Through a contest that is being launched today. 

Please send us your “best pics” with a brief description of what is depicted and what each photo means to you.  It can be an action shot, it can be a heart warming photo, it can be anything that says “This is Ringette”.  We will select the 16 best photographs we receive and use them to create the calendar.  As we receive these photos we will post them to our Facebook page so that others can see them and make comments.  Everyone is limited to no more than three submissions.  Entries must be received by no later than June 11, 2018.  (We will need to ensure that the participants in the photos are okay with them being used in the calendar).

Help us get the word out.  Please forward this email to your friends and teammates from this past season.


**The photographers who have their photo selected will receive a “#1 Ringette Photographer” clothing package (hoodie and t-shirt) along with a free calendar and, most importantly, credit in the calendar for the photo used.**

Photos can be sent to  

National Ringette School
(403) 284-5161